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Title: Criminology in Greece Today
Edition in Honour of: Stergios Alexiadis
Editing: Stratos Georgoulas
Publicated: ΚΨΜ

Athens, 2007







Youth, Crime and Society
Scientific Journal with reviewers, published by the Laboratory of the Sociology of Youth, Leisure and Sports.
Editor-Founder: Stratos Georgoulas, Director of EKNEXA, Assistant Professor
Associate Editor- material supervisor: Aggeliki Kitsiou
Subscriptions: Nikos Rinis, Dimitris Papandreou
The journal is issued twice a year, in April and October.


ΕΚΝΕΧΑ will publish and launch in 2008 the scientific journal “Youth, Crime and Society” in printed form, aiming to serve as a forum for research and the study of sociological and criminological issues with particular emphasis on topics regarding youth and leisure. The journal will publish scientific articles and will argue out issues from multi-dimensional perspectives, engaging in a spectrum of activities, including thorough theoretical debate, analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, comparative studies, systematic evaluation of political practices and interventions, as well as studies of institutions and political processes. Special attention will be given to the use of the methods of social sciences, in relation to the understanding and evaluation of criminological ideas and polices.



The structure of the journal will be as follows:

  • Main article (by an author, following an invitation)
  • Thematic articles that have been reviewed  (3-4 depending on size)
  • Comment / article about a current issue
  • Book reviews, dissertations, etc.
  • Scientific events (conferences, etc.)
  • Collection of articles of foreign authors

Submission of articles – Instructions to contributors

Articles must be submitted in electronic form (preferably via e-mail). Articles submitted for publication will be assessed by two members of a scientific committee and if accepted, they must be submitted solely to a specific issue of the journal and may not be published elsewhere, in full or in part, without the editor’s permission. 

The first page of each article should contain the following information:  a) title of the manuscript, date and word count, b) full name of the author, the institution from which the work originates, the address, e-mail, telephone and fax number of the corresponding author c) till five keywords and d)  a curriculum vitae of 25-30 words. If the article is submitted electronically, authors should save this information into a separate file, in order to ensure anonymity in the review process.

In the beginning of each article an abstract of 100-120 words should be included. Articles longer than 6.000 words will be accepted only in exceptional cases.

In the text the name of the author and the date of publication should be cited as in the Harvard system (name: date, pages). If there is more than one author, the first name will be followed by et al.

After the publication of the article, each author will receive his/her article in pdf form, as well as the issue of the journal in which it was published.


Annual subscription (2007-2008 2 issues) – Greece

20 € for individuals

  50 € for Companies, Institutions, Organizations & Libraries (three copies)

  15€ for students (please send copy of your student identity card)


Annual subcription (2007-2008 2 issues) – European Union

 30 € for individuals

75 € for Companies, Institutions, Organizations & Libraries (three copies) 

15€ for students (please send copy of your student identity card)


Annual subcription  (2007-2008 2 issues) – Countries outside European Union

35 € for individuals

80 € for Companies, Institutions, Organizations & Libraries

20 € for students (please send copy of your student identity card)



Price of Single Issue : 12€