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European group for the study of deviance and social control – conference 2010
Uncovering Harms: States, corporations and organizations as criminals - conference 2017


Title: Criminology in Greece Today
Edition in Honour of: Stergios Alexiadis
Editing: Stratos Georgoulas
Publicated: ΚΨΜ

Athens, 2007

Call for Papers


The European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control 45th Annual Conference 
 Uncovering Harms: States, corporations and organizations as criminals 

31 August – 3 September, Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece
In recent years the international academic community has made an effort to define and uncover harms by states, corporations and organizations. This effort is stemming from the point of view of protecting human rights and preventing social harms. These acts include loss of life, physical or other harm, and loss of property. The need for addressing harms by states, corporations and organizations is connected both with the need for appropriate orientation of formal criminal policy (law, police, administration of justice) and for the awareness of citizens, consumers, workers and social movements.   
A root of the problem, the criminal-induced partnership between state, corporate capital, and organizations, does not lead to easy answers for a future “better” political management of the state. This raises issues of the advocacy of the public interest and universal human rights; it highlights the concept of social harm, and sets democracy and the collective as the dominant principles. This complex is the contemporary reality, and a criminology that takes a position upon this ought to highlight a broader social awareness and action for social change. 

We welcome papers on the themes below which reflect the general values and Principles of the European Group.

Please forward short abstracts of 150-300 words to the relevant stream coordinators by 30th of April 2017.   
For all general enquiries please contact Stratos Georgoulas For questions about the European Group, please contact the EG coordinator Ida Nafstad

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